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What are the characteristics of high-rise steel structure in Foshan?

Time:[2018-9-5]  Hits:2345

With the continuous application of Foshan steel structure, in addition to the use of steel structure to build low-rise factory buildings, warehouses, shelves and other products, high-rise steel structure building is also constantly developing. High-rise steel buildings have more advantages than concrete buildings, but also constantly and slowly replace concrete buildings. What are the characteristics of high-rise steel structure in Foshan?
1. use steel or steel plate to connect or weld, which can be multi-storey.
2., it has good bearing effect, can resist earthquake and resist strong wind.
3. in the construction process, shortening the construction period.
4., it has reduced the area and increased the available space for construction.
5. The steel used can be recycled, so that not only the cost of the remaining materials, but also to reduce construction waste.
High rise steel structures are widely used in residential buildings, office buildings and other public buildings. Foshan steel structure brings many benefits to the construction industry, at the same time, it also benefits people.
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